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About the Ashram

Shri BhagawadBhakti Ashram was founded on the Sharad Poornima day in the year 1918. It is situated outside the Rampura village which is adjacent to Rewari. Work, at a small scale, had begun a few years earlier when Swami Paramananda Ji, called Maharaj Ji or Maharaji, started spending time there. He had come as a result of entreaties of Rao Balbir Singh, the Rao of the area. A committee was formed to oversee and manage the Ashram; Maharaji was its guiding light. Rao Saheb, by stages, as the work progressed, donated land and got it registered in the name of the committee. When fully functional, Ashram had about 250 Bighas for residential areas with a dense plantation of long-lived trees such as Neem, Pipal And Kadamb, a big water-tank of 200 by 150 feet dug entirely by the inmates with some help from outsiders who volunteered for the task, canals dug for several kilometers to bring rain-water to the tank. There was more land for cows to graze on and other purposes, totalling about 1000 bighas overall.

Ashram was in the forefront of various movements, but generally with a more practical approach. Work was done for eradicating untouchability -- their children got education at Ashram. Education was available for both boy brahmacharis, as also girl brahmacharinis, who incidentally got equal treatment, including the opportunity to learn horse-riding and wielding a stick etc. There was a dairy for improving the breed of cows which won accolade nationally. There was a free dispensary. The organization of free eye-surgery camps was concieved at Ashram and implemented with such was its momentum that by the year 1976, they had performed over 300,000 surgeries. Ashram had its own printing press named Bhakti press, which published a monthly journal - Bhakti and most of the books you find featured on this site. The books and records will provide you with more information.

About Maharaj Ji

Swami Paramananda Ji, traditionally called Maharaj Ji or Maharaji by his devotees, was a monk who wandered about, virtually unknown, till he gave in to the entreaties of the Rao of the Rewari area to take up residence there. This was around the years 1913 - 1915. Not living in a town or a similarly populated place, he made his abode on grounds that now constitute the Ashram. In the first few years of his stay there, he continued roaming, but spent more time, and regularly so, at this place. Even at that time, he got work initiated, which later seemed to have been the initial preparation for the construction of the Ashram.

While some people who came in intimate contact with him earlier knew something of his unusual capacities and accomplishments, they were still a small minority. As he started spending more time at this place, devotess from other places had an opportunity to seek his Satsang here and so be more closely associated. Thus grew the appreciation of people for him, both in its quality and in the number of admirers. They managed to get his approval for livimg here continuosly; in return, they promised to do some 'substantive work' under his guidance. Thus was the Ashram born, which was officially founded in the year 1918, on the 'Sharad Poornima' day; to mark the event there was a large gathering for Satsang that night. Many people left their homes and brought their entire families to live in the Ashram and followed the Ashram rules including that of Brahmacharya. Many young people, both boys and girls, came to Ashram, many stayed back after completing their studies to dedicate their lives to social service and personal spiritual evolution. Maharaji considered Ashrams to be the social and spiritual guiding lights of the society and favoured the creation of one among each group of 5 to 10 villages. For later events, the books available here provide a sufficient record.

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