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Jivan Charitra

A brief biography of Swami Paramananda Ji by a close disciple. It also has some of his Upadeshas (discourses) and some letters too.

Jivan Jhanki

A brief biography of Swamii Paramananda Ji by a close devotee.

Param Pita Arti

The Arati sung in the Satsanga Sabha established by Swami Paramananda Ji at Shimala.

Bhakti Chintamani

A book published from Ashram and authored by the saint Bhole Baabaa. It describes some of the moods and modes of devotion. It also has the descriptions of some devotees who practised the described modes.

Bhakti Marg

This important book dictated by Swami Paramananda Ji explains Bhakti Marg -- the path of devotion.

Bhakti Gyan Yog Sangrah

This important book dictated by Swami Paramananda Ji describes three of the paths of Sadhana -- Bhakti, Jnana and Yoga.

Bhasha Phakkika Prakash

An exposition of the Phakkikas of the Sanskrit grammer.

Manu Smriti Sar

A selection of the sections and verses of the Manu Smriti that serve as a summary of this important book.

Mishrita Chhand tathaa Bhajan

A selection of verses and Bhajans.


Some Upanishads and selected Sooktas from the Vedas; original Sanskrita verses and their purport in Hindi.

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