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Sadachar (July 1936)

The version of Sadachar published in July 1936.

Bhakti Marg (Narela)(1914)

The first published version of Bhakti Marg, published in 1914.

Gayatri (Booklet)(v19992 ed2)

The version of the Gayatri booklet published in 1935, 2nd edition.

Shri Paramananda Mala

A poetic work containing 109 dohas on Maharaj ji, also the meaning of the Gayatri Mantra in poetry.

Bhakti Gyana Yoga Sangrah (ed 3 or later)

The third (or possibly later) edition of the Bhakti Gyan Yog Sangrah book. The book has 3 sections, one each each on Bhakti, Gyan and Yog, and was dictated by Maharaj ji.

Prarthana aur Gayatri

It has the complete Prarthana of the Ashram at the time of its printing in 1965 and also has the Hindi meaning of the Mantras of the Shiv Sankalpa Sukta (apart from the Sanskrit text).

Satya Shabd Sangrah (v 2013)

The version of the Satya Shabd Sangrah published in the year 1956. It has a collection of Bhajans by eminent Saints.

Sar Sangrah (1965)

The version of Sar Sangrah published in 1965. It has Bhajans, poetry (Doha, Kavitta etc.) and Sayings of the Mahatmas.

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