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Shri Ram Nam Sankirtan

The set of verses describing the life of Shri Ram beginning with the ShuddhaBrahma Paraatpara Ram verse.

Sadguru ka Upadesh

Some Bhajans authored by Swami Paramananda Ji, Prayer, one discourse and some other material.


Swami Paranmananda Ji dictated these instructions regarding conduct.

Satya Shabd Sangrah Urdu

A book containing Bhajans in the Urdu script.

Satya Shabd Sangrah v1982

A book of Bhajans published in the Vikrami year 1982 (1925 CE).

Satya Shabd Sangrah v1983

A book of Bhajans published in the Vikrami year 1983 (1926 CE).

Satya Shabd Sangrah

The largest collection of bhajans published by Ashram. It has separate listings for various authors.


A very important collection of discourses by Swami Paramananda Ji.

Sar Sangrah v1977

A book containing Bhajans and Sayings of the Mahatmas, published in the Vikrami year 1977 (1920 CE).

Sar Sangrah

A collection of couplets, verses, bhajans and sayings of Mahatmas.

Download Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
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